Clojure job: Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer at SoundCommerce

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ United States โ€บ Washington โ€บ Seattle
  (Posted Jan 20 2022)

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Job description
Seattle, WA /
Engineering โ€“ Engineering /
All USA Locations - Full Time

About SoundCommerce
Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Have you seen the future of big data and highly parallelized, distributed systems? We have, and the future is functional-inspired architectures and paradigms.

SoundCommerce serves consumer brands and retailers with a modern data platform that transforms customer experience through better decisions across marketing, merchandising, supply chain, fulfillment operations, doorstep delivery, and customer service. SoundCommerce is the fastest and most flexible path for businesses to deploy end-to-end cloud data and decisioning infrastructure. Backed by top venture capital investors, we're a hypergrowth company in need of smart, focused, creative talent to help us shape and realize our vision.

Our Workplace and Hiring Practices
Every technology company is built on the backs and brains of its people. Yet no two companies are alike. At SoundCommerce, youโ€™ll work with the best, build amazing tech, and create lifetime relationships with colleagues built upon mutual trust and respect.
We support our team with competitive benefits including:

Iconic Brands โ€” Come build your resume working directly with the worldโ€™s leading brands.
Coaching, Mentoring, and Education โ€” Learn and grow with leaders and peers ready to invest in your future.
Sustainable Remote Work โ€” Today SoundCommerce is a fully virtual workplace. Work flexibly, engage with colleagues and customers, and be part of a high-functioning team from home โ€” or anywhere!
Health and Wellness โ€” We provide the ergonomic work station for your remote workplace. You schedule the time for health and well-being throughout your work day and week.
Social Impact โ€” SoundCommerce provides a Cauze employee-directed giving program with donation matching.
Health and Life Insurance โ€” We cover 100% of employee PPO medical and dental coverage and subsidize family coverage.
401(k) Plan โ€” We offer retirement planning benefits including a tax deferred savings plan.
Paid Time Off and Parental Leave โ€” We provide competitive PTO and parental leave benefits.

The Role
We are searching for a Senior Software Engineer to help us design, develop, and deploy the SoundCommerce cloud data platform.

Develop at all levels of the product stack with an emphasis on our back-end code and architecture
Work closely with our product team to execute on our vision and deliver in-demand features
Participate in an iterative, agile engineering process following Kaizen principles of continuous improvement
Be willing to learn and grow in a fast-paced environment
Encourage an inclusive mindset where everyone is a stakeholder and contributions are welcome
Integrate security, performance, scalability, and operational sustainability tenets into your work

Have a solid technical background from BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent background experience
Have knowledge of at least one general-purpose language (Scala, Java, C# or C++).
Highly collaborative and communicate well with your teammates
Have experience or interest in Functional Programming in Scala, Haskell, Clojure.
Eager to learn and apply new concepts with confidence at a breakneck pace

Good to Have
Experience in database development including SQL / big data / data warehousing
Experience engineering SaaS or e-commerce systems at enterprise or Internet-scale
Production experience with large, distributed systems
Production experience with cloud environments: AWS, GCP, or Azure
SRE mindset to maintenance budgets, automation, monitoring & alerting
Continuously refine best practices

Please mention that you found the job at

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Company: SoundCommerce

job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

map of company location

Skills wanted for this job:
aws azure clojure gcp java
saas scala sql

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