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Functional software developer at SixSq

๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ Switzerland โ€บ Geneva
  (Posted Jun 10 2022)

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Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
The functional software developer will join the dev team and contribute as a full stack developer of the Nuvla software, powering the software solution.

SixSq is building the most advanced edge-to-cloud B2B SaaS platform: With the recent acquisition of SixSq by Ekinops, we are fast growing. We are looking for software developers, wanting to join a multi-cultural and international team. As a software developer you will contribute to the overall objective of the company, which is to disrupt the IT industry with an open, agile, simple and efficient platform. The platform also includes a marketplace of business applications targeting the far edge in a range of sectors such as retail, manufacturing, transport, telecoms and energy. In time, since we sell as a team, you will also be asked to support sales efforts via creative demonstrations and technical discussions with customers and prospects. is mostly built using the functional language Clojure and the web ui Clojurescript. We therefore are looking for developers with experience in functional languages or willing to learn this amazing paradigm and join a great community. The solution also leverages Elasticsearch, Zookeeper and Kafka. And our operations targets public cloud infrastructures and Kubernetes as the container orchestration engine.

The core team is based in Geneva, in beautiful Switzerland. While remote working is possible, a regular presence in Geneva is expected. As the company operates using mature agile methodologies, experience or interest in agile development is required, since this is how we think and do things.

Expect to be given time and space to learn before jumping right in developing production code for As an agile team, we expect each developer to be able to contribute to feature definition, architecture, design, implementation, testing and operations support. Also, expect to be presenting sharing your work to your pears, Tech Lead, Scrum Master and Product Owner for feedback and guidance.

Since we continue to operate as a scale-up, with the backing of a publicly listed company, you will have the opportunity to thrive in our fast moving, and exciting work environment.
Tasks and Activities

The responsibilities will include:
production software development including designing solutions, writing code, testing code, automating test and deployment
delivery of software components working in collaboration with the rest of the team and integrated into our CI/CD pipeline
involvement in R&D projects, both in Switzerland and other European countries
supporting the overall sales effort of the company, with pre-sales activities such as Q&A sessions, demonstrations and working with sales people to help them, when necessary, in their customer conversations.

Skills and Experience
We are looking for candidates with the following skills and experience:

Experience in or willingness to learn the Clojure/Clojurescript functional programming language
Experience in developing production code
Able to enunciate simple designs from high-level user story requirements, alone and in a small team
Demonstrated experience in working in a multi-cultural environment
Ability to communicate effectively with internal teams, partners and customers
Experience or interest in agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, DevOps)
Experience in integration with Elasticsearch, other NoSQL databases, Kafka or Zookeeper
Experience of a shell scripting language (e.g. bash)
Good experience of Linux ( runs on Ubuntu)
Experience with Rest APIs
Experience with React for browser/UI development

Nice to have
Functional language programming experience (e.g. Clojure/Clojurescript, Scala, Haskell)
Experience with micro-service architecture ( is a set of Docker images orchestrated using Kubernetes)
Experience with contribution to development of SaaS type solution
Experience in Python and its eco-system
Knowledge of service operations in cloud environments - e.g. Exoscale, AWS, Azure, GCE
Experience in working in an open source environment
Experience in contributing to open source projects
Experience with Kubernetes and Docker
Experience with GitHub and its eco-system
E-payment integration experience (e.g. Stripe, Paypal) - uses Stripe


University Degree or equivalent in a technical discipline and/or in-work experience.

Language skills

SixSq operates in English and French. All official documentation is written in English.

Fluent spoken and written English
French fluency would be an advantage

Additional information
The candidate must be a Swiss or European citizen. Having already a Swiss work permit would be an advantage.

You can start as soon as possible and you will receive intensive training on the core technologies and processes of SixSq.

Regular travel within Europe for short periods should be expected, as part of our involvement in European research projects and customer support work.

Home working is possible, with regular presence at the Geneva office expected.

About SixSq
At SixSq, we enable organisations to accelerate their business from the Edge to the Cloud. We are a fast-growing Software as a Service company, offering, an agile, secure and open Edge-to-Cloud software platform for the most demanding organisations. SixSq has an open and a highly collaborative culture, internally and externally with our customers & partners. We manage the entire organisation as an agile operation. We sell as a team. We believe that achieving customer success is our value โ€œsecret sauceโ€ and is key for our growth.

Now part of the Ekinops Group, SixSq benefits from an established organisation, with shared leads and opportunities, yet also has its own roadmap and objectives.

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