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Remote Clojure Developer at Yapster

🇬🇧 United Kingdom â€º London
  (Posted Mar 17 2022)

Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

£50,000 - £75,000

Job description
We’re looking for an experienced full-stack Clojure developer to join us in building our Performance Communication module, which automates the ingestion of daily EPOS data to pit sites against each other in venue vs venue group chats, pushing teams to engage in friendly competition over a specified performance KPI.
About US 👋🏾

Our mission is to make work meaningful, both for our customers and our colleagues.

Yapster is the UK’s leading mobile messaging platform for retail and hospitality workers. Customers include Brewdog, Caffe Nero, Gusto Italian, Krispy Kreme, Marstons plc, Next plc, Vision Express and Wasabi. Deskless workforces leverage our established native app to promote Social Leadership (the practice of influencing people at work, using digital tools such as the smartphone and whole-company communication software).

What You’ll Do 🧑🏽‍💻

Contribute to the development of the Yapster platform writing clean, straightforward, well tested, and documented code, fixing bugs, and contributing Pull Requests and Pull Request Reviews.

Communicate new features and developments internally to ensure knowledge is shared between technical and non-technical colleagues.

Provide support internally to resolve customer issues, identify and validate bugs, and giving technical assistance to ensure customer needs are met.

Work cross-functionally with colleagues to solve customer challenges with product development.

Add to our internal knowledge base helping to continuously improve our institutional knowledge.


A passionate, product minded, software developer.

An experienced Clojure and functional programming practitioner.

Comfortable working across the full-stack of a software platform.

Able to manage your own work and deliver working features on time.

Clear and confident communicator in English (our working language.)

Experienced and comfortable working in a fully remote and asynchronous team environment.

What We Expect 🔝
Someone who:
Relishes the chance to bring new ideas to the table.
Will champion what they believe in but remain open to the ideas and positions of others.
Lacks pretence and readily seeks help and assistance when encountering difficulty.
Writes simple to understand, well factored, code that places readability above cleverness.
Demonstrates excellent judgement when deciding to ‘Ship, Show, or Ask’ and uses appropriate techniques (e.g. feature flags) to mitigate risk.
Delivers what they’ve committed to and makes well-considered scope cuts and trade-offs, communicating with and involving stakeholders.
Is focused and fulfils duties with minimal management. You often set higher goals for yourself and strive to do better.
Is able to communicate concepts clearly and be understood by non-technical peers.

Shape Up

By adopting Basecamp’s Shape Up as the guiding principle for the Product team, our developers:

Have the freedom to work on product advancements that delight users.

Accurately scope and understand appetites for a pitch of work.

Work autonomously in a 6 week build cycle to deliver the scoped product advancement.

Our Tech Stack 📲

Clojure backend and ClojureScript Web based frontend and native mobile app (currently via a Cordova wrapper with work underway on React Native.)

Cassandra for data storage.

Kafka for event sourcing and message routing.

AWS for platform hosting.

Kubernetes for platform operations.


Yapster follows the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to achieve our vision and hit company goals. This implementation has produced an organisation with:

Clear accountability in each role.

Regular opportunities for feedback and development, with the right people in the right seats being compensated at the top of the market.

Company-wide clarity on necessary steps to achieve our 1, 3 and 10 year plans.

Benefits & perks 😍

Fully remote, flexible, working to suit your lifestyle.

28 days holiday + an extra day of leave for your birthday.

3% pension contribution.

Quarterly ‘All Paws Live’ company off-sites.

What You Can Expect From Our Hiring Process 👉🏾

Initial 30 minute phone call to address any deal-breakers and assess if we’re right for each other.

45 minute interview with our Head of Product or CTO for us to get to know each other better and assess team fit (both for us and you.)

Talent showcase: your chance to show your strengths and skills by solving a tech problem. We’ll either:

Look at code you’ve written (and can share!) and have a call for you to walk us through it and discuss the nuances of the problem and how you solved it.

Look at code we’ve written. We’ll give you some typical code written by an existing team member and ask you to explain what it’s doing and how you might improve it.

Do some live coding. We’ll provide a sample project and a typical development task, some time to prepare, and then hold a live-coding session where we can work through the problem together.

45 minute interview with our Operations team to answer any non-technical questions you might have and assess broader cultural fit within Yapster.

Please mention that you found the job at

Apply now!  

Company: Yapster

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