Clojure job: Senior Engineer (3-4 day/week)

Gower Street Analytics

Senior Engineer (3-4 day/week) at Gower Street Analytics

Remote › 🇪🇺 100% remote position (in European timezone)

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70,000 - 85,000 GBP pro-rated

Job description
We're hiring a senior engineer at Gower Street for a 3 or 4 days/week role. We're 100% remote and looking for someone eligible to work in the UK to join us.

Gower Street is the industry leader in predicting the global box office. Our numbers are quoted by mainstream media and our systems are used by the majority of big studios out there. We're also a really small team with a switched-on approach to how we work and stuff like trust and flexibility.

We're hoping to bring somebody in who has an eye for quality in a "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" sort of way and is able to go in and deliver new features while improving both existing systems and how we go about our work. You'll be part of a small development and data science team with responsibilities ranging from creating new predictive models and deploying them in production, to making front-end changes to deliver new features to our customers.

We're working in Clojure, Python, Go and Javascript using AWS, Terraform, PostgreSQL and Docker. We don't expect the ideal candidate to know all of these. We just expect you to be good at picking up tools and quick and getting up to speed.

Application deadline on May 12th at 10:59 UTC

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Company: Gower Street Analytics

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