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Backend Clojure Engineer at Mobot

Remote โ€บ ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ 100% remote position (in US or Canada)
  (Posted Jul 13 2022)

About the company
Mobot is an on demand testing platform - powered by AI, computer vision, and a fleet of robots (yes, real mechanical robots!) - for mobile apps on actual devices. Our mission is to revolutionize the way engineering teams test & develop their products.

Job description
**Who are we?**
You may not know us yet, but we are the company keeping the apps on your smart devices bug free. Mobot is an on demand testing platform - powered by AI, computer vision, and a fleet of robots (yes, real mechanical robots!) - for mobile apps on actual devices. Our mission is to revolutionize the way engineering teams test & develop their products. We work with software teams in all kinds of industries โ€“ mobile, e-commerce, FinTech, health, and IoT (to name a few) โ€“ providing automated testing of their mobile products and smart devices.ย  Weโ€™ve raised money from world-class B2B enterprise SaaS investors (stay tuned!), and are looking to grow our 25-person team.

**What we are looking for**
Mobot is seeking a thoughtful, collaborative, and talented Backend Clojure Engineer to build the future of physical QA infrastructure in the cloud. Our stack is Clojure, ClojureScript, C, C++, and Python, on various cloud infrastructure platforms. We're looking for engineers with high integrity, low ego, and an insatiable drive to learn.

This role is remote - with a strong preference for candidates who can work synchronously with our East-coast based team. If youโ€™d rather work out of our awesome NYC office, you are welcome to do so too! Candidates must be authorized to work in the United States.

**The Role**
We are looking for a Backend Clojure Engineer to own our core data model (and much much more) as we evolve and scale our platform. Youโ€™ll work with backend, devops, and mech to expand our backend web service. This is a ground-floor opportunity to shape the way engineering teams release apps used by millions of our customersโ€™ end users every day.

We are a small but mighty team where everyone thinks and punches above their weight. While we expect the most successful candidates to focus heavily on the backend, your responsibilities will evolve as you grow with Mobot. Here are some emblematic projects you will support as soon as you join:
- Own and extend our core data model as our product increases in complexity and scope
- Develop smarter and faster matching and assessment frameworks to improve the speed and accuracy of our platform
- Enable the team to thoughtfully improve our product
- Jump into full stack (if necessary) for key feature pushes - both as we design and build
- Foster a collaborative culture and inclusive work environment

- 5+ years of professional experience as a software engineer
- A demonstrated knowledge of Clojure
- Ownership - experience owning a broad scope of responsibilities in a low structure, high impact, rapidly evolving environmentย 
- Independence - capable of ideating and developing specs on your own amidst ambiguity
- Collaboration - we believe software development is a team process. We use a rich, supportive, and collaborative design process - and expect you to contribute thoughtfully and respectfully
- Polish & passion - immense pride in and passion for your work - we are building high-quality tools for other development teams

- Bonus points if youโ€™ve worked in an early-stage startup
- Experience contributing to open-source projects
- Familiarity with cloud-based infrastructure and delivery pipelines
- Passion for robots!

**Why us?**
- Diversity comes from the top. Weโ€™re a team of all-ages and all education backgrounds (our CEO and VP of engineering donโ€™t have college degrees - we donโ€™t think you necessarily need to either!)
- The opportunity to work on hard and interesting problems connecting software and the physical world of mobile device platforms
- A rare chance to define a new type of infrastructure service, supporting other developers

**Some fantastic benefits**
- Competitive salary and equity packages
- Generous PTO
- 401k with generous employer match
- Comprehensive health benefits
- Paid family leave
- Commuter benefits
- Daily meal reimbursement
- Much more!


Company: Mobot

job info / career page
Linkedin profile
Location: ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ US/Canada Remote, 100% Remote

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Skills wanted for this job:
clojure ai b2b clojurescript devops
fintech python saas

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