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Sr. AI Engineer - Remote at Sharecare

Remote › 🇺🇸 100% remote position (in the US)
  (Posted Oct 4 2022)

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Job description
Sharecare is the leading digital health company that helps people -- no matter where they are in their health journey -- unify and manage all their health in one place. Our comprehensive and data-driven virtual health platform is designed to help people, providers, employers, health plans, government organizations, and communities optimize individual and population-wide well-being by driving positive behavior change. Driven by our philosophy that we are all together better, at Sharecare, we are committed to supporting everyone through the lens of their personal health and making high- quality care more accessible and affordable for everyone. To learn more, visit

Job Summary:
* Create platforms, systems, and infrastructure for AI technology products for digital health, including a platform for digital clinical trials, workplace safety and mental wellness solutions, genome data platform, and others.
* You will anticipate our customer needs and be empowered to act like an owner, take action and innovate.
* Work on improving the existing Ad matching algorithms, build predictive models to drive the higher conversion.
* Interact with infrastructure engineers to ensure the smooth deployment of the software.
* Solve technical problems, create design documents and gather feedback.
* Work with other engineers to ensure smooth integration of the product.
* Participate in daily standup meetings, following agile development approach.
* Write test cases for developed code to ensure high code coverage and perform end-to-end testing of the products.
* Deploy software applications using cloud platform tools and monitor them to ensure availability and correct performance.

* BS in Computer Science or related field
* 3+ years of industry experience
* Solid understanding of data structures and algorithms,
* Familiarity with functional programming is a plus
* Knowledge of Unix/Linux
* Experience with Clojure, Python, Tensorflow, NLTK or similar.
* Demonstrable experience in API integration.

Remote, San Francisco, California 94108
Remote, United States, 30305
, Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Remote, Remote, Remote
Customer Site, Austin, Texas 78758

Please mention that you found the job at

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Company: Sharecare

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Location: 🇺🇸 US Remote, 100% Remote

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Skills wanted for this job:
ai clojure linux python tensorflow
unix Golang jobs

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