Clojure job: Head of Engineering


Head of Engineering at Vane

๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Germany โ€บ Berlin
  (Posted Jan 20 2022)

Job description
Lending Financial Power to Digital Businesses
Formerly known as BillFront, Vane is a financial technology platform offering agile non-dilutive funding solutions to some of the worldโ€™s fastest-growing businesses in digital sectors. Driven by deep expertise in both financial services and digital technology, Vane specialises in deploying capital across the digital economy, from advertising technology companies and app developers to e-commerce businesses and online publishers. Vane offers flexible revolving credit facilities including receivables finance, revenue-based finance, and custom-built credit solutions.

Vane was founded in 2015 and today has offices in Berlin, London and New York. Backers include finleap, the leading fintech ecosystem in Europe, and Fasanara Capital.

Our tech (TL;DR - Rails / Clojure / ClojureScript / AWS)
We have a core Rails application, well tested and maintained - running of course on Rails 6.1 & Ruby 3.0. Almost all business logic lives in service objects, and we have a GraphQL API for our internal use. We rely on proven tech like Postgres, Devise, Sidekiq, Pundit etc.

We are writing more and more parts of our backend in Clojure, with currently a double digit number of services written in it. Weโ€™ve dipped our toes into Kafka and are looking to use it more in the future.

Our frontend consists of two single page applications written with ClojureScript, re-frame & react. Parts of the admin area we havenโ€™t yet moved to the SPA are server side rendered pages by Rails, often containing dynamic sections with the same tech as the SPAs.

Weโ€™re strong believers in test driven development, continuous delivery and immutable infrastructure - for example we use Docker in development, on CI and in production. The entire infrastructure is hosted on AWS and managed with Terraform.

We constantly strive to improve our tech, trying technologies like GraphQL/Kafka, keeping libs up to date and improving our own tooling.

Where do you come in?
As we move into 2022, we are starting to develop new products and expand into new areas and this role will be at the forefront of driving our technical roadmap and ensuring the business delivers against its objectives. In this role you will be challenged with a good mix of greenfield projects and extending our current product.

A successful candidate will lead our development team, and shape the product end-to-end to ensure the management of a portfolio worth several million Euro. You will work together with the developers and stakeholders in other teams to design, build and deploy features.

Your contributions will directly influence the success of our company and of our customers. Our diverse team of entrepreneurs and start up enthusiasts, is based across Berlin and London. In the center of the European start up hub, youโ€™ll find a vibrant developer community with its members coming from all over the world.

What will make you successful?
The more boxes you check the better:
Very good knowledge of either Clojure or Rails. You donโ€™t need to know both, but we expect a strong interest in learning them.
Experience or strong interest in leading a team while still getting your hands dirty with coding
4+ years of experience in developing commercial software - fintech experience is a plus
Eager to learn, keen to succeed. You will be challenged at Vane, but the result will be rewarding
Striving to deliver clean and well tested code
Being a quick learner
Enjoying working in a startup environment with quite some freedom
Self motivated
Youโ€™re interested in more than just code, but also in the team and the business
Basic knowledge with AWS or similar, Terraform is a plus
Good spoken and written proficiency in English. Good communicator. German is not required (but considered a plus)

What else?
Competitive Salary
Beneficiary Shares Program
You get a subsidized monthly ticket for public transport
Visa process & relocation support
Weโ€™re a proud supporter of Clojurists Together, supporting vital parts of the Clojure ecosystem

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