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Senior Software Developer at Leanheat

🇫🇮 Finland â€º Helsinki
  (Posted May 25 2022)

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Do they allow remote work?
Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information.

Job description
Job locations: Helsinki, Finland and Tampere, Finland
Leanheat by Danfoss is a technology company whose artificial intelligence based IoT solution monitors, controls and optimizes the indoor temperature and humidity of district heated buildings. Our solution improves the energy efficiency of properties, increases the operational efficiency of district heating companies and creates a healthier indoor climate for residents. Currently, Leanheat is installed in 170,000 apartments around the world. We are rapidly expanding our business internationally and currently operate in Finland, Denmark, China, Sweden, Norway, Poland andGermany. The Denmark-based Danfoss is our strategic partner since 2016, and today Leanheat is part of the Danfoss Group.

Leanheat is now looking for a Senior Software developer to join our Development team in the Leanheat Building solution ( The position is located in our brand-new office in Helsinki, Finland, but we are open to remote work arrangements as well. We offer you a chance to apply your programming skills to directly reduce the environmental load caused by building heating.

We are looking for an expirenced senior software developer to help us with the development, operations and scaling of the Leanheat system. As a part of the R&D team you’ll be working with a variety of technologies such as Clojure, PostgreSQL, AWS cloud infrastructure, IoT sensors on the backend and with JavaScript / React on the frontend.

Job Responsibilities
We offer
a chance to work on something meaningful: you’ll be directly able to contribute to the reduction of load on the environment caused by building heating
a work community of about 70 people (and growing) consisting of professionals from various fields (building, energy, software engineering, data science, sales, ..) formed into teams that collaborate closely, who are not only driven to make great results but to make the company a great place to work
plenty of freedom with the responsibility that comes along: choose your tools, when and where you work from
the usual benefits: free breakfast, lunch vouchers, sports/culture/massage vouchers, great medical insurance
New and unused office, due to the pandemic, designed exactly to our needs
An office right next to the Ilmala station

Background & Skills
We hope for
Proven experience in building systems with Clojure
Minimum 5 years of work experience in software development
Deeper than superficial understanding of relational databases and SQL, especially PostgreSQL
Experience using, designing, and building REST APIs
Capability to work both autonomously and as a part of a team
Strong communication skills

We also value
Experience provisioning and managing infrastructure on AWS, especially using Terraform
React / front-end development skills

We offer you an opportunity to see your code quickly in action in controlling the heating of thousands of buildings. Enjoy our flexible working locations and hours, as well as the autonomy in influencing your way of working. Apply and learn about advanced methodology in the district heating field.

Work in a seasoned R&D crew and learn from them.

Please mention that you found the job at

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